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May 6 - June 13, 2015
dc3 Art Projects
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Wed 12 - 5 pm
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dc3 Art Projects is very proud to present Broken Sound, a new body of work by Gary James Joynes in his second solo exhibition at our Edmonton gallery space. Born from the death of older experiments with the physical nature of sound, Broken Sound is a meditation on life and on slowing down and being fully present within light and darkness, sound and silence.

Broken Sound comes from a forensic examination of the speakers silenced by his exploration of cymatic sound forms. Using hand built mechanisms and specialized macro photography techniques he has documented the marks and scars of the coiled copper wire and magnetic traumas that have silenced his experiments. Starting as pristine and golden in colour the linear order of wires slowly gives way to charring and chaos as flaws and sonic experience build up. Some of these speakers lived for months and others were silenced within minutes of life. All are memorialized in this new film installation and photographic series.

This immersive environment of voice and synthesizer accompanying immense projected HD video is composed with a Buddhist parable in mind:

An acolyte, seeking enlightenment, encounters a stone disc of almost infinite radius spinning silently on its horizontal access, as if falling from the sky. He devotes his life to the continual observation of this wheel, perfect in it’s smoothness and continuity. Foregoing all earthly experiences he hopes to bear witness to the single horizontal imperfection in the wheel. In silence and stillness he waits for a flaw to bring him to a greater state of enlightenment.

Broken Sound - 2015

Gary James Joynes is an Edmonton based audio and visual artist who performs at major music events around the world as Clinker. He blends the beauty and physicality of sounds auditory and visual elements live in performance and in rigorous and emotional photo and video installation works. His work has been exhibited and collected across Canada and the US including major solo installations in Montreal (2014), Calgary (2013) and Edmonton (2013). Joynes has been included in significant group exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Alberta including the 2013 Alberta Bienniale, and at Toronto’s Koffler Centre of the Arts. Recent major performances include CMKY Festival in Boulder Colorado, New Forms Festival in Vancouver, MUTEK_IMG at Phi Centre in Montreal. He will be performing his newest Live Cinema piece Soundbursting at ELEKTRA in Montreal May 15/15.

Special Thanks for supporting the creation of this work to:
Canada Council for the Arts
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Edmonton Arts Council



APRIL 22 - MAY 9, 2015

442 Belgo Building,
372 rue Ste Catherines Ouest, Montreal, Canada
Wednesday - Saturday 11-5 PM

Tammy Salzl is a Montreal based artist using multiple media to explore psychological spaces within individuals and society. Mediating familiar but challenging imagery with rigorous attention to skill and craft, she unmasks vulnerabilities in both the subject and viewer through layers of paint, pigment, and collage. In Montreal during Papier 15 we are pleased to present two recent projects from Salzl’s corpus of work.

At the fair we offer a selection of watercolours from simplest of gestures, a series of raw and frank psychological stories contained within the churning flesh of bodies anchored in simple spaces. Directed gazes inculcate the viewer in the emotional state of the subject, involving them in intimate and sometimes uncomfortable realities. Calling them “beautiful parasites”, Salzl strives to draw the viewer in with an affective experience that slowly evolves to alter the viewers perception.

The Cleansing is an offsite presentation of a new paper and intermedia collage installation at the Belgo Building,372 Ste Catherines from April 22 to May 9 2015. This handwrought installation of painted and printed paper, HD video projection and digital media with dual soundtrack brings her psychological spaces into an immersive realm. Based on small collaged paintings on paper, Salzl tells tales of contemporary life and anxieties through imagery reminiscent of children stories and fables.

Tammy Salzl completed her MFA at Concordia in Painting and Drawing and has shown across Canada and in Berlin and Mexico.




Dc3 Art Projects is an Edmonton Canada based supporter, advocate, producer and promoter of the best of contemporary art. Dc3 Art Projects is committed to helping emerging and mid-career artists to bring challenging and engaging work to a greater public through exhibitions, critical writing, travelling shows and international art fairs. Through strong connections with galleries and artists in the major centers of the contemporary creative community, dc3 Art Projects will aggressively promote the artists affiliated with us and bring exciting work to Edmonton to allow collectors and art lovers exposure to discussions occurring nationally and internationally. Dc3 Art Projects will offer advice, assistance and inspiration to new and established collectors looking to acquire contemporary work by gallery artists, at fairs or at auction.

Founder of dc3 Art Projects, David Candler, has spent 20 years looking and reading, travelling for and absorbing the world of contemporary visual art. A self-described artjunkie, he has a passion for artists and their creations, and through dc3 Art Projects will be sharing this obsession with others. As a longtime collector himself, he is a tireless advocate for the importance of art within a society and the role it plays in making the world richer and more complete.




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